I created this blog to help out with my addiction to Running Man. By adding unnecessary caption.
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ADVICE: If things gone wrong, cry ‘til it is fixed

…this way~

…this way~

Episode 40

This one time, at band camp, …

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Serenade Girls’ Generation with tunes, marinade the mic with saliva.

Bro’ing it out.

Bro’ing it out.

Ep. 37

"Da Da Da Da Da Da~

accidentally kissing you baby~~”

"Practice safe driving" -Seohyun

"Practice safe driving" -Seohyun

Ep. 63

Don’t tease me ‘cuz I just got an extreme makeover.

The Kid & Kid Leader with their chocolate love.

JI-GA-HA first single is will be called Airtime Secure.