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I created this blog to help out with my addiction to Running Man. By adding unnecessary captions.

bipolar? cry away scare? cry it out terrify? cry a river in trouble? shed some tears lost? cry!

ADVICE: If things gone wrong, cry ‘til it is fixed

…this way~

…this way~

JS started a tradition at band camp Madame Kook doll-up for da par-tay. Special guest: the other Monday Couple Joong Ki got bullied very hard MongJi gave Madame Kook a cute stare Special guest: the other member of 2PM Suk Jin befriend with the blues Gary only remember one thing:Song Ji Hyo Gwang Soo doesn't want the party to end Mom won't pick up HaHa from band camp

Episode 40

This one time, at band camp, …

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Not young but still likes to be tease Always finish up with the Trot,trot,trot. Everybody clap,clap,clap This one is for Yuri Don't need to dance when you can sing


Serenade Girls’ Generation with tunes, marinade the mic with saliva.

Bro’ing it out.

Bro’ing it out.

reenactment of Lady and the Tramp Lady and Tramp kiss Crying Lady a very happy Tramp

Ep. 37

"Da Da Da Da Da Da~

accidentally kissing you baby~~”

"Practice safe driving" -Seohyun

"Practice safe driving" -Seohyun

this shirt has laces calm on the outside, T.T on the inside spoon feed her lover. awww

Ep. 63

Don’t tease me ‘cuz I just got an extreme makeover.

chocolate? rice? an arrow of love made from chocolate that was cute

The Kid & Kid Leader with their chocolate love.

Vocal: HA and GA Rapper: JI audio teaser, only on Running Man ep57

JI-GA-HA first single is will be called Airtime Secure.

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